Barry's thoughts and experiences are shaped like the mountains- peaks and valleys, breathtaking views and avalanches, and they both have an uncanny ability to change your life if you go deep enough into them.


Change lives with giant fortune cookies!

Have you ever thought that things just plain suck? Have you wished the solution would just be in the middle of the next fortune cookie you read? Well, other people feel that way too! You’re in luck! You can write your own fortunes in the middle of a fortune cookie and give them to people. You can change people’s lives for the better (or worse if you’re a sadist).

Imagine this guy about to open a cookie that contains any of the following sayings:


"You cannot rely on money to make you happy. You need something greater than that. You need the goods that money can buy. Buy more personalized giant fortune cookies at "

"She isn’t worth the tears. You seriously need to stop crying in public and take off the wedding ring, Rick"

"It’s time to show this world who’s boss: grow your mustache"

"Look at yourself in a mirror. It’s time you start taking your personal hygiene seriously." 

"You will have a cavity in the next two weeks if you eat this cookie."

"The possibilities are endless when you’re optimistically delusional."

"Be out there. Love you for you. You. Are. Fabulous."

"Stop throwing your change into fountains. Save it up to buy another personalized giant fortune cookie at "

"No one is stand in your way. Time for move forward with life."

"If you eat this piece of paper, everyone will forget about the time you puked on the boss at the holiday party. Go ahead, eat me."

"This cookie contains 500 mg THC. Hope you’re in a safe place!"

"To see a panda in a forest of bamboo, one must look beyond the black and white in life."

"The energy and resources used to make this cookie could have fed ten people for a week in a poverty stricken country. YOLO."

"You can make people do anything you want if you just write it in a personalized giant fortune cookie at "

Welp, I did it. This is officially the dumbest blog I have ever wrote. Not everything you touch in life turns to gold. Just ask Tonya Harding. At least I will never be well-known for ordering a hit on someone. That’s what I like to call distraction logic.

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