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Trying to comprehend Congress and America

Some people write 500 page books about this topic, I write a blog because I am a lazy American. I pay attention to the news and Congress sometimes. My home page used to be the news- now it’s the most pointless conceited crap you can find online. What movies do I like to watch? Has anyone “liked” that photo I put up on Facebook? Why don’t any girls message me back when I send them funny story messages on OkCupid? This is the cathartic magma that keeps so many American lives plugging along on a daily basis in the year 2013.

I am still trying to figure out why Congress was such a hot topic while it wasn’t doing anything. After the shutdown ended, Congress just returned to being a topic covered on 24-hour news channels and political satire shows like The Colbert Report and Hannity. I was trying to make sense of what was happening with Congress and America when I saw an event that put things into perspective: I watched three people watch a dog take a poop on the grass. Once the dog finished pooping, the three people walked away, one of them being led by the dog on a leash. I saw the poop sitting on the lawn, but it was not my job to understand the poop or do anything about it. I walked away and forgot about the poop for three months until I had a fecal flashback…

The poop in this analogy is the Reid-McConnell bill that postponed the government shutdown until February. Congress is the dog that pooped out the Reid McConnell bill. The three people supervising the dog’s poop were President Obama (holding Congress the Dog on a leash), Speaker John Boehner (Poop Observer #2), and Paul Ryan as the third wheel because he needs to feel important and have friends listen to him complain. I represent the American public- I see Congress shit out this bill that allows them to continue digging in the dirt and chasing frisbees until they’re locked in the kennel again. I see these leaders of Congress refuse to agree on whether healthcare, the environment we live in, or American workers’ wages are worth keeping around. I mean, how could you have healthcare, National Parks access, and employment and consider yourself happy? 


Picking up the poop and looking at it is not something the majority of Americans want to do. We each have beliefs and opinions in our heads and nobody can change them because being stubborn is better than being rational. Progress in the bipartisan government of America moves as fast as a game of freeze tag with senior citizens. Why is there no agreement on what would benefit future generations of humans, our real/ potential children, nieces, and nephews? Why does personal comfort and stubbornness trump a future that holds greater promise for people? 

I want to play freeze tag with senior citizens. I want to go around and tap them so they can move around and give half a shit about the game of America that is going on right now. I want people to realize that this world is bigger than them and until they realize that, we are going to continue to be incredibly mediocre. If we could all bond around the idea of creating a better life and future for the majority of people on this planet, we would live in a very different country than we do right now.

Go take your dog for a walk, take them for a run, demand the best out of them, and if they pee on the rug, rub their face in it. It’s the only way the dog learns anything. All we’re teaching the dog right now is that if sits on its hind legs for long enough, we feed it and let it continue living a mediocre lifestyle without any real measure of improvement. If you want to see the country be a better place, talk about it, make people care about real things. Constructive dialogue is an elusive idea across party lines, but try it out. Ask people to explain things for you and provide support to their opinions. If they cannot provide anything substantial, they do not have a real reason to value that opinion. Yes, some people are too dumb to be able to do this, but until you demand logical thought out of the people watching the dog poop, America is just gonna be a minefield of dog shit. 

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